About Us


When we started, Refinishing Bathtubs we wanted to provide people with a better alternative to their commercial or residential renovations. Creating an industrial spray booth in a customers bathroom and using heavy chemicals in their home is harmful.  We had to think of a better way.  Your options were spray hazardous material that will eventually peel off, or to remove and renovate the whole bathroom.  Time after time we have seen too many bathtubs thrown to the wayside, and their owners consequently left with thousands of dollars less in their pockets. When you choose to replace rather than refinish, the initial cost of the bath fixture may only be a few hundred dollars, but it’s the installation that’s leaves folks second guessing their decision.

Our professionally trained technicians understand the minute details that make a bathtub, bath tile, or countertop refinishing more than just a procedure, but a way to make these accessories look brand new at a fraction of the cost. We are  fully insured to provide you & your family with the confidence and sense of security knowing that whomever you let into your home will be safe, respectful, and most importantly, qualified to perform the work.

So the next time you’re looking for an economical way to refresh your commercial or residential space, there’s only one group of people you should trust – Refinished Bath Solutions!


At Refinished Bath Solutions, we’re the embodiment of eco-conscious refinement, delivering unparalleled non-toxic services to elevate residential and commercial spaces. Our values, rooted in customer trust, transparency, and exceptional results, drive us to prioritize health, durability, and beauty. We’re not just expanding our business; we’re on a mission to enlighten and showcase the benefits of our approach. By investing in premium products, skilled technicians, and the future of refinishing, we back our work with pride, offering warranties that reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence.


We aspire to be the unrivaled leader in eco-conscious refinishing services, trusted by discerning customers seeking sustainable enhancements for their spaces.Refinished Bath Solutions envisions a future where our dedication to transparency, safety, and innovation reshapes industry standards. We’re more than a service provider; we’re a symbol of excellence, setting the bar for eco-conscious refinement that stands the test of time.