Certainly you could repaint your outdated tile, remove & replace it, or pay someone to do the work for you – but choosing any of these options is far less superior to the cost-effective and beneficial solution: Tile Refinishing!

Tearing up your bathroom tile not only causes a mess, but the procedure can take weeks to finish. Refinishing tile is a short process, one that is typically finished within one day! It can do much more than renewing your tile’s beautiful, original glaze. Our process cleans, bonds, repairs, and protects.

We’ll first begin by cleaning the area to remove years of built-up grime, soap residue, mold, and oil. If there are any cracks or chips in the tile, we fill them in and ensure that any damaged grout is also uniform.

A bonding agent is then used to strip and etch the surface of the tile to ensure the finish doesn’t just sit on the surface. Depending on your preference or decor tastes, we have numerous colors for your tile, including stone finishes. Top coats and glazes are then added to give the tile its signature glossy look, as well as provide a protective coating. This will help deter mold & mildew growth within the grout, and make cleaning with a mild soap and water solution easier than ever!

The finished product will leave you with tile that looks like it was newly installed, without the cost.

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