When a fiberglass tub is made, a gel coat is distributed evenly across the surface. For a while, this keeps your tub looking fresh and clean, but over time and use it can wear down, leaving your tub looking dull and porous. The aesthetic value isn’t the only thing compromised if your fiberglass tub’s finish deteriorates. The porous surface can hold in dirt, rust, and even hazardous mold – not to mention it makes your tub that much harder to clean. Much like a porcelain bathtub, a fiberglass tub can also acquire chips, stains, and grow outdated after many years past its original installation. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to get it replaced, a refinish is the ideal solution!

When we refinish your fiberglass tub, we’re renewing that essential finish coat that protects it from damage. The compound we apply will fill in the permeable surface and make it smooth again. More importantly, it will discourage mold growth, keep its vibrant color, and protect your fixture from chips or cracks – for when your shower shelf unexpectedly falls.

After thoroughly cleaning the area, we’ll remove the original gloss and prepare the tub for a new finish by etching the surface so that the solution will bond sturdily to the fiberglass. We’ll then fix any dents or chips in the tub itself, and sand them down to ensure consistency. We use professional grade equipment to establish a smooth finish. Rollers and other utensils are inferior to a spray system, as they do not coat the tub evenly & often wear out faster.

Once we’ve cleaned up, all you’ll be left with is a fiberglass tub that’s effortless to clean, beautiful to look at, and ready for years of use!

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