Bathtub recasting can save you thousands of dollars – literally! While the cost of a new tub may only be a few hundred dollars, the cost of gutting the old one and replacing the piping is a whole other cost, one that can add up. Bathtub recasting can save you time, money, and most importantly, a big headache!

We start first by delicately removing the caulking surrounding the tub and washing the surface to remove any mold, oil, rust, or gunk before we continue. While circumstances vary on the tub, we will remove the overflow cover. We’ll then set up a proper ventilation system to keep the chemical odors from spreading throughout your home. After we’ve removed what’s left of the tub’s original glaze, we patch up any unsightly chips in the porcelain.

A procedure known as etching is then performed on the surface, allowing the primer and any coating we apply afterwards to penetrate below the surface; this makes the refinishing last longer and helps to keep out dirt build up. We then sand and clear the tub of any micro-debris, from there, we will create your new surface with our Ekopel Pro Casting Resin to give your bathtub that classic, shiny finish, finally, we cure the resin so your bathroom is fully functional as soon as we finish, and seal the surrounding area with new caulking.

The process itself takes only about a half day, and you’ll have no down time before you can begin showing off your brand new tub!

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