Our Services

We understand that often times the places we wish looked the cleanest see the most traffic, and therefore get the most wear. Instead of dishing out thousands of dollars for a replacement, retiling, or regrouting, RBS Refinishing can provide you with a superior solution – refinishing! Our proficient technicians treat you & your home with respect while our time-tested refinishing process takes care of the rest.


After years of use, a bathtub can acquire numerous chips, cracks, rust, and stains which can make yours or your guests’ bathing experience less than pleasant. We will repair any damages, remove the existing porcelain glaze, sterilize & prepare the surface for a new finishing, re-caulk, and leave you only with extra cash and a brand new tub fit for soaking!


Refinishing your bath tile is the ultimate, cost-effective way to give your bathroom a much needed makeover. Much like your tub, old bath tile is exposed to constant humidity and traffic, which promotes discoloration, cracks, and even mildew. Refinishing can seal the grout, eradicating any signs of mold & make future clean ups a breeze.


While a fiberglass tub does differ from its porcelain counterpart, the process for refinishing is quite similar. A refinishing allows for a fresh bathtub without having to replace the fixture. The process can repair unsightly cracks, remove mold, and even fix leaks. An advantage of reglazing a fiberglass tub is that these benefits can last for years!


We throw our groceries onto our counter tops, knead bread, open jars, and some of us perform the quick vegetable chop – all can lead to a countertop that’s dull and full of dents, and that’s just in the kitchen! A countertop refinishing can repair those jagged cracks and the glaze will deter future wear & tear.