Did you know that when you choose to refinish your bathtub as opposed to replacing, you’re not only saving criminal amounts of money, but you’re saving the planet, too? It’s been around for a while, but green is still a buzzword that’s making its rounds throughout the nation, with good reason. If we all did our part, we could help make our planet better, even if we only chose some options with which to “go green”. Not many people associate going green with commercial & residential refinishing, but it’s time we start!

The refinishing industry has been making many strides to develop and implement products that are safer for the environment. It’s understandable that the chemicals used to strip tubs can be hazardous, but the products we use do not have to be contingent upon these harsh solvents, so we opt to use the greenest methods we know to protect our customers and our environment. But it doesn’t stop there – you can help out too!

When home or business owners choose to remodel, more waste ends up in our landfills than construction projects, in fact millions of tons of garbage from remodeling projects end up in our landfills annually – a fact we’re proud to help combat! Your rusted, grimy, mildew infested bathtub doesn’t have to be thrown out, and neither does your hard earned money. Rather than putting that bathtub on someone else’s hands (the landfill’s) you can keep it in your home for a minuscule cost and with numerous benefits! When you choose to refinish your tub we make it look better than new, it can be cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals, and you can feel confident knowing you made the wiser decision to help our environment. The amount of time, effort, and resources it takes to dispose of the waste in our dumps is only rising, and by choosing not to throw away, you’re helping out more than just yourself.

Opting to refinish your bathtub or countertops can also save a few hundred trees! Countertops generally have a particleboard or plywood beneath them, and when perfectly good countertops are replaced, these go straight to the dump and more trees are cut to produce more.

Here at New England Tub Doctor, we encourage you to choose the greener option when you’re considering a home or commercial remodel. You’ll thank us – and the Earth will thank you!