Have you noticed the finish on your bathtub has started to chip? Maybe it started right around the faucet, but now different flecks of the finish have started to come up. Beyond the undesirable look, it can cause all sorts of problems in your bathroom, ranging from corroding your drain to even cutting yourself on the surprisingly sharp corners of chipped finish. But what are you supposed to do? Does it mean you need to replace the tub? Should you try to refinish it yourself? All good questions, and at New England Tub Doctor in Salem and Nashua, we’re here to help you through the problem.

Should I replace the tub?

The chipping of your finish doesn’t typically require any kind of replacement. Now, there are exceptions to every rule, so without seeing your tub in person we can’t guarantee it, but the chances are all you need is to use our fiberglass tub refinishing services.

Finish, like paint, does eventually wear down and start to fleck off. Often, this depends on the layer underneath. If the original finish went on improperly, didn’t receive enough drying time or an improper product was used, the finish will come off sooner rather than later. That is exactly why having a professional, such as New England Tub Doctor come in and resurface the tub the correct way is a must. It extends the life of the tub, keeps it looking beautiful and ensures you won’t need to worry about the issue a few years down the line.

Resurfacing the tub yourself

Now, while the general idea of the finish coming off the tub is similar to that of paint on the side of your wall or home, the actual practice is different. With paint, you strip off anything loose and then apply the new layer of paint over it. The finish on your tub is a bit different. It needs to go on completely smooth. You don’t want to be standing in your shower, only to feel odd grooves in the tub. To do this, it really does take a professional to properly smooth everything out and to use the correct finish.

Finish can vary based on what your tub is made out of. Perhaps it is fiberglass or maybe it is porcelain or another material all together. Different materials require different finishes – but we’ll help you choose.